Only $APXV tokens that are locked as veAPXV can be utilized for voting purposes on Apex Vault.

New epochs commence at 00:00 UTC on Thursdays. Votes may be cast at any point prior to this deadline. While waiting may enable you to view any incoming bribes, not waiting ensures that your vote is submitted on time.


There are several restrictions to keep in mind when casting your vote on Apex Vault.

  • If you possess multiple $veAPXV NFTs in your wallet, you must select each one separately.

  • Moreover, each voter is only permitted to cast their vote once per epoch. Therefore, ensure that you have allocated 100% of your voting power and that you are satisfied with your choices before submitting your vote, as you cannot change it once it has been cast in the current epoch.


Voting has several benefits that should be considered.

  • Voting on Apex Vault has a direct impact on the distribution of $EQX token incentives. As such, it is important to vote according to your preferences.

  • Additionally, voting on a pool provides you with a pro-rata share of all the trading fees generated by the pool, but only for the LPs that have staked to receive $APXV rewards.

  • Furthermore, voting on a pool entitles you to a pro-rata share of all bribes that are contributed to the pool by third parties. Bribes may be added to a pool at any time during an epoch. A snapshot of votes is captured at approximately 23:59 UTC on Wednesday at the end of each epoch. Bribe rewards are available between 24 to 48 hours after the start of a new epoch.

Voters on Apex Vault are required to cast their vote every week to qualify for bribes. Note that this transaction will entail gas fees. Failure to vote every week will still direct $APXV to the gauge but will not entitle you to a pro-rata share of the bribes.


If a $veAPXV holder intends to transfer or sell their NFT, they must first reset their NFT, which will render them unable to vote on any gauges during the current epoch. This forfeiture will include trading fees and any bribes. Furthermore, a recipient of the NFT (i.e., a buyer on a market) should be aware that they will not be able to vote until the next epoch. This feature rewards participants who remain consistent in their voting activities.


On the front end of Apex Vault, you can view a column that displays the voting APR

This metric is calculated as follows

voting APR = (TVB / TV) * weeks / $APXVprice * 100%

weeks = 52.179 (approx number of weeks in 1 year)

TVB = total value of bribes in usd term

TV = total number of votes

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